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Adult Ballet Classes

Ballet is a graceful type of dancing where carefully organised movements tell a story or express an idea or feeling. It is accompanied by music and is a very old classical art form.
My ballet class is suitable for all abilities. It follows the traditional ballet class format starting at the barre and then moving into the centre of the room. We do lots of short exercises. The class is friendly and everybody does what they can. Some people join in all of the class, some prefer not to jump, or perhaps turn, and some may prefer to do their own stretch rather than the one I suggest. It keeps moving quite quickly as we work through all the short exercises.  It is important that you feel comfortable in the class, gradually building strength and confidence so that you get the most out of it for your body. I choreograph the classes and usually alter it every half term. 

Ballet builds upper body strength, core strength and improves flexibility. You will notice improved posture and develop the ability to pick up short choreography. 
For any adult, in particular older adults, having stronger core muscles promotes balance which reduces the risk of falls. We practice many moves at the barre and develop muscle memory there so that we can execute the choreography safely in the centre of the room. Then we combine a few moves together to create little exercises. These exercises develop stronger footwork, balance, flexibility, jumps, turns and co ordination.

With this type of exercise it is easy to get lost in the moment as you dance to the music.

The classes are one hour in duration and are booked half termly. Price for 6 Ballet classes £52.80. If you would like to come along to try a ballet class please do get in touch. Please do wear something comfortable and ballet shoes if you have them.
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