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Individual Pilates

Help alleviate back pain ::: Facilitates weight loss :::
Safe pre and post natal ::: Strengthening :::
Increased Vitality ::: Improves musculature tone :::  
Improves ability to perform sports,golf :::

Pilates is a body conditioning method that improves strength,flexibiilty,and posture without unnecessary strain. The exercises are performed both with and without specialised pilates equipment,using the resistance work to streamline and strengthen the body.

Pilates is a mind in tune with body physio based exercise that is recommended by doctors and top athletes to improve their performance.

Exercises are done with an emphasis on the abdominal area,breathing and controlled yet relaxed movements resulting in a strong physical centre. This core strength is essential for all kinds of movements ranging from everyday activities to complex atheletic motions.

All classes are tailored to fit individual needs so the exercises can be as gentle or as challenging as required.Due to the efficiency of all the movements,fewer reps are required resulting in an engaging and invigorating workout.

People practice pilates for a variety of reasons ranging from reduction of pain caused by faulty alignment or injury,to pain free clients who simply want to achieve the best from their body and want a balanced and effective workout.The technique is therefore as valuable to the dancer,golfer or athlete as to the injured client. Muscular imbalances can be corrected and postural alignment improved.

It is safe to follow through pregnancy and offers a wonderful means of regaining strength and tone after the birth. Many health professionals recommend pilates as an ideal form of remedial exercise. Pilates creates recognizable change and will leave you feeling mentally and physically rejuvinated.

These classes are held at the studio in Fetcham. This new studio is fully equipped with various pilates equipment including trapeze table and classical reformer. These will provide support, resistance and interest to your workout. Please contact us with any further questions or to book a one to one or smaller group pilates class. Personal pilates are £50 for an hour. We look forward to hearing from you.

Exercise intelligently the way the founder Joseph H Pilates intended.


Individual and Small Group session Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations  must be made 24 hours prior to your class. Any class not cancelled with 24 hours notice will be charged for in full.

pilates teacher

Helen Otway is a highly trained and experienced teacher of both Dance and Pilates :: read biography

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