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Getting Started...

New to Pilates, Tap or Aerobic Fitness? We offers classes for every level. If you are wondering how to start feel free to contact us on 01372 378787 or via the contact form. Contact us and we'll point you towards the perfect class or design a programme to meet your individual needs.

About Pilates: Pilates is a body conditioning method that improves strength, flexibiilty and posture without unnecessary strain. The exercises are performed both with and without specialised pilates equipment, using the resistance work to streamline and strengthen the body. Core strength is essential for all kinds of movements ranging from everyday activities to complex atheletic motions.

All classes are tailored to fit individual needs so the exercises can be as gentle or as challenging as required.

About Aerobic Fitness: Fun and varied exercise classes designed to increase your fitness level and have fun doing it! The classes might involve a circuit style section, hand weights, using other resisting equipment, learning a short aerobic routine, group games, floor toning exercises or strengthening exercises. These class are suitable for anyone who is safe to exercise and for varied fitness levels.

Whether you are a beginner or returning to exercise or if you are in training and really need a challenge you can tailor the class to your needs. High impact of low impact.

About Adult Tap: A really fun way to get fit! Tap your troubles away. There are 2 classes, a beginners tap and a more advanced tap class. You don’t need tap shoes just wear low heeled comfortable shoes.

Come and have fun!



You can contact us directly or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page you might find the answers you're looking for.


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